Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Su, Hui Guo

Abstract: To solve the problem of evaluating profile error of surface, theoretical surface was built by interpolating design points at the method of...

Authors: Shao Hua Wu, Shi Hong Shi, Jun Yan Xiao, Ge Yan Fu

Abstract: In order to obtain the characteristic parameters of molten pool and realize real-time control of laser power, a high-speed CCD is used to...

Authors: Ai Xin Feng, Huai Yang Sun, Yu Peng Cao, Chuan Chao Xu, Gui Fen Ni, Jun Wei Wang, Peng Chen Zhou

Abstract: Residual stress determination by X-ray diffraction is theoretically analyzed. Using stress of two directions analysis method, the magnitude...

Authors: Chun Juan Tu, Xu Hong Guo, Wei Wang, Chi Hong Wang

Abstract: Researching on dry turning hardened steel was to replace the grinding with turning, which would improve efficiency and reduce cost. The...

Authors: C.Y. Wang, Q. Dong, X.X. Shen

Abstract: Warpage is a crucial factor to accuracy of sintering part in selective laser sintering (SLS) process. In this paper, The influence of...

Authors: Yong Xiang Li, Dong Xia Wang, Wen Bin Wu

Abstract: High-speed cutting (HSC) is a practical technique of advanced manufacturing technology, leading the development of cutting and machining....

Authors: Sheng Li Wei, Wu Qiang Long, Zhong Wang, Xian Yin Leng

Abstract: The necessity which high-order polynomials are used for optimization design of cam profile is analyzed in valve train of high-speed engines....

Authors: Bang Sheng Xing, Changlun Du, Xue Feng Wang

Abstract: In this paper Ansys, the difite element analysis software, is used to make model analysis on self-anchored suspension bridges achieve the...

Authors: Tao Ni, Yun Wang, Bing Nan Li, Jie Song, Yong Kang Zhang

Abstract: Conventional FDSO (Floating Drilling Storage Offloading) construction method which needs particular dock and berth has limitation in...

Authors: Bin Cheng Li, Bing Han

Abstract: In order to realize propulsion system and oxygen system of tourist submarines be secure, eco-friendly, efficient, reliable, economical, a...


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