Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Yun Zhang, Mu Ju Wang, Yue Jin, Xi Jun Hua, Yong Hong Fu, Zhan Shi Sheng, Wei Ji, Hao Fu

Abstract: Existing laser honing machines all utilize the motion mode of workpiece movement. But as to complex workpiece, this mode is inappropriate to...

Authors: Xin You Huang, Chun Hua Gao, Min Xian Wei, Zhi Gang Chen

Abstract: 0.85(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-0.144(K0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-0.006BaTiO3(NBT-KBT-BT) lead-free piezo -electric ceramics were prepared using conventional solid...

Authors: Chun Sheng Li, Shi Hong Shi, Cheng Feng Sun, Yong Kang Wang, Xiao Dong Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a new method of laser focusing used in the process of direct laser fabrication. The hollow laser beam is achieved by...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Xiang Gu, Hai Wei Ye, Kang Wen Li

Abstract: Laser Shock Processing (LSP) is a kind of new surface hardening technology, which can increase fatigue life obviously. Due to the LSP, the...

Authors: Chang Shun Zhu, Guo Lin Wang, Ping Ping Li, Shang Wei Chen

Abstract: Three-dimensional crack propagating path of tire bead rubber was the premise to study the crack propagation direction of bead. For this...

Authors: Fei Chen, Zhao Yang Zhang, Yao Min Wang

Abstract: In the laser marking process system, a liquid crystal display (LCD) was used as the image mask, which can display dynamically and flexibly...

Authors: Kun Cheng, Jun Fang Ni, Li Li Lv, Zhu Jun Ding, Xiao Wei Xu

Abstract: Programming of graphical interaction and modular structure are adopted in this wire cutting machine software by analyzing the structure of...

Authors: Qian Yu

Abstract: Aiming at the current situation that there is lacking in-depth study on applications of virtual technology in mechanical manufacturing and...

Authors: Ling Jun Zeng, Hong Wu Huang

Abstract: For the modeled engine, the soft AVL-BOOST is applied to do the single-dimensional cycling simulation and calculation. And then the engine...

Authors: Ai Xin Feng, Yu Peng Cao, Chuan Chao Xu, Huai Yang Sun, Gui Fen Ni, Jun Wei Wang, Peng Chen Zhou

Abstract: In the experiment, we use pulsed laser to conduct discrete scratching on Ni-containing stainless steel protective coatings to test residual...


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