Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yong Ling, Peng Fei Fu

Abstract: The 3D entity model for the amplitude changing mechanism of boom system of certain 48 meters concrete pump vehicle was established by means...

Authors: Hua Qiang Lu, Ge Yan Fu, Shi Hong Shi, Long Li

Abstract: Electrode D608 is prone to pore, slag eye, sonim, crack and misrun etc. in the Welding process , through improving formula of electrode D608...

Authors: Yasuaki Ohtaki, Georgios Papastefanou

Abstract: This study proposes a method for indoor activity assessment by means of continuous and quantitative measure of personal physical and mental...

Authors: Yi Ying Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces an aquaculture multi-parameter monitoring system. The hardware structure of the system is introduced, the software...

Authors: Zi Xue Qiu, Jing Ya Wu, Jiang Yuan, Yu Tian Chen, Yong Jie Yang

Abstract: When Shape memory alloy (SMA) wires are embedded in the composite structure with a specific volume fraction, the properties of the resulting...

Authors: Xia Li Sun, Qing Zhang, Shu Yan

Abstract: An active phase conjugation circuit of retrodirective array which can be used in UHF band (890-960MHz) has been designed. Circuit of the...

Authors: Ju Li, Hui Ping Shen, Y.X. Jiang, Jia Ming Deng, Shan Shu Liu, Lei Ding, Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper studied a novel 3-DOF hybrid robot, and invented a new hybrid structure which was composed of 2-DOF parallel structure and 1-DOF...

Authors: Xiao Dong Tan, Yong Sheng Zhao, Xia Li, Bao Liang Li, Shi Xuan Yao

Abstract: In this paper, a design method of software simulated SCIs has been proposed to resolve the problem that the built-in SCIs of the MCU could...

Authors: Li Ning Sun, Mao Hai Li, Tao Chen

Abstract: This paper designs guard robot alarm system using GPRS technology. An interesting communications infrastructure for remotely accessing is...

Authors: Wan Xing, Yong Jiang

Abstract: The copper foil post-processor is used to deal with the surface of copper, and the tension control is an important issue for the quality of...


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