Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Yuan Wang, De Hui Huang, Sheng Li

Abstract: Based on the quality of line frequency response function and the principle of rigid body micro-vibration, a technique was proposed to verify...

Authors: Wen Li Zhao, Zhi Gang Wang, Zhen Qiang Huang

Abstract: A new model is introduced in this article with which high frequency weak signal could be detected from strong noise background effectively....

Authors: Yong Xiang Wu

Abstract: There are two types of positioning benchmark for number of workpiece in fixture: single positioning and aggregate surface positioning. This...

Authors: Ou Xie, Hua Li, Zheng Li, Zhen Yin

Abstract: A design solution of machine tool control system and its hardware and software design were proposed for the requirement of high precision...

Authors: Xiong Xin Hu

Abstract: Structural components are subjected to high-frequency vibration. But today, the fatigue tester is required to provide higher precision,...

Authors: Yong Hu, Wei Yan, Hua Bing Wen, Chuan Shun Wen

Abstract: We design and analyze a kind of oblique-cone-slid-ring (OCSR) assembly seal device used in carbide actor that can self-compensate the seal...

Authors: Ming Yu Huang, Jing Jing Lv, Hong Jun Ni, Yu Zhu, Fu Bao Zhang

Abstract: A lot of peptides were synthesized on the basis of the sequence of αs1-casein. These tri-peptides with the characteristics of low toxicity...

Authors: Xiang Jun Lan, Zhi Hua Feng, Xiao Dong Zhu, Hong Lin

Abstract: The first mode parametric resonance of a laminated beam subject to narrow-band random excitation is taken into consideration. The method of...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Li, Zheng Min Qing Li, Ru Peng Zhu

Abstract: In order to process the hardened face-gear, and improve the surface’s accuracy, the grinding process of face gear is studied. According to...

Authors: Xue Li, He Wang, Shu Fen Chen

Abstract: To solve the problem of difficulty in establishing the mathematical model between process parameters and surface quality in the process of...


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