Advance in Mechatronics Technology

Volume 43

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Hong Ma, You Hua Ge, Fu Yuan Wang

Abstract: An automatic detection device was developed to measure the frictional resistance force between the tracks on the brackets of car seats. The...

Authors: Zu Jun Ding, Jun Fang Ni, Li Li Lu, Xiao Wei Xu

Abstract: This virtual system, which is based on virtual manufacturing and NC processing technique for NC milling, is developed by Visual C++6.0. The...

Authors: Hong Mei Hu

Abstract: Mixed sigh conditions include line-of-sight/non-line-of-sight (LOS/ NLOS) conditions, which have adverse impact on the precision for...

Authors: Hong Jin Wang, Zhen Guang Hu, Zha Nao Wu

Abstract: In order to monitor the heart rate changes of patients with cardiovascular disease, a wireless ECG system based on the GSM network is...

Authors: Wen Xian Tang, Jian Zhang, Pan Zhang

Abstract: Dynamic characteristics of the breech mechanism directly affect warship’s reliability. Most of the research on the breech mechanism is...

Authors: Zhong Qiu Jiang, Shu Yan

Abstract: Node deployment is one of important questions in three-dimensional wireless sensor networks(3D WSNs) for the mountain monitoring. In this...

Authors: Yan Gang Wei, Lan Qing Wang, Xiu Juan Zhang

Abstract: In order to solve the existing problems of domestic applications, an innovative structure design for the draft gears of locomotive couplers...

Authors: Xi Liang Zhang, Wen Xiang Gao, Li Qiang Chen, Jun Xu, Ai Xin Feng

Abstract: Considering the current problems of low temperature of recovered gas, the direct gas emission of the fourth cooling zone in the operation of...

Authors: Xin Yu, Zu Jue Chen, Xiao Lei Cai

Abstract: Energy is one of the most important parts of wireless sensor network design. Effective estimate the residual power of sensor nodes can be...

Authors: Qing Yuan Sheng, Ping Ping Li, Xi Liang Zhang, Zhi Gang Liu, Li Juan Zhao, Yong Guang Hu

Abstract: Considering the greater character differences between matrix and soil, and the great disparity in physicochemical properties of various...


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