A Multibody System Model for Meshing Gears


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As a type of numerical approach to dynamics of gears, multibody dynamics method can handle realistic cases of contact modeling with acceptable accuracy and considerably less computational effort. The ability to simulate contact between teeth has become an essential topic in multibody dynamics. Fully rigid method is not suited for a high quality of the analysis to take into account some elasticity in the model of meshing gear wheels. In our new approach the circumferentially rotatable rigid teeth and elastic elements composed of rotational spring-damper combinations are hereby put forward. The teeth and the body of each gear wheel are still regarded as rigid bodies, but they are connected with each other by elastic elements. Besides, Lankarani & Nikravesh Contact Model is utilized, which counts energy dissipation by means of viscous damping. Both large motions with revolutions and important elasticity are considered in this teeth-wheel multibody system model. Two examples are provided in which the simulation results of completely rigid method, the approach in [10], our new approach and finite element methods are compared. Comparisons indicate that our newly developed approach is more suitable for modeling multibody geared systems.



Edited by:

Ran Chen






L. Lei "A Multibody System Model for Meshing Gears", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 1273-1278, 2011

Online since:

December 2010





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