Inverse Dynamics Analysis of a 2-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulator


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The dynamic characteristics of the parallel mechanism depend strongly on the operating modes corresponding to different inverse solutions, but few of them have been involved with. In this paper, a new kind of 2-DOF parallel manipulator actuated horizontally by two parallel linear actuators is investigated. Firstly, the four inverse solutions of this manipulator are derived and analyzed; Secondly, the closed form inverse dynamic model is presented using the Lagrange approach based on the generalized system coordinates. An explicit formula of the equivalent moment of inertia, driving forces and consumed energy of the mechanism are investigated; Finally, the changes of equivalent moment of inertia, actuator force and energy consumption of the mechanism in different operating mode are analyzed through the dynamic numerical simulation. The results show that, for a given motion, the configuration and the operating modes have a significant influence on the equivalent moment of inertia and actuator force. The analysis provides necessary information for dynamic performance analysis and control of this parallel manipulator.



Edited by:

Ran Chen






X. R. Zhu et al., "Inverse Dynamics Analysis of a 2-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulator", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 1848-1852, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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