Virtual Maintenance Process Modeling and Simulation


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Virtual maintenance technique brings new mode for system maintainability design and analysis, however, the theory of virtual maintenance is not fully studied and researches are deficiency in the key field of virtual maintenance modeling and simulation. So virtual maintenance model and simulation control method are studied in the paper. Virtual maintenance model is based on Petri Net and can describe the relations of maintenance resources, and the model structure, formal definition, maintenance object, resource state and model operation are given. In addition, virtual maintenance simulation rules and simulation scheduling method are built in the paper. Simulation scheduling objective, flow and conflict features of maintenance process simulation are analyzed, and conflict strategies are addressed subsequently. Finally, a case study of the LRU repair of an aircraft is conducted, and the result confirms the validation and feasibility of all the studies, which can become a new technique means for maintainability engineering.



Edited by:

Ran Chen






D. Zhou et al., "Virtual Maintenance Process Modeling and Simulation", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 44-47, pp. 527-531, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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