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Authors: Wen Shang Xu, An Xin Li, Cai Xia Liu
Abstract:In this paper, making application of configuration software KingView6.52 and PLC in tailing cementation-filling automatic control system for...
Authors: Wen Qiang Sun, Jiu Ju Cai, Da Wei Zhang, Duo Jiao Guan
Abstract:A general review was made on research of advanced reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions’ technologies for steel manufacturing process in...
Authors: Hui Sun, Zhi Qing Fan, Ying Zhou
Abstract:Combining with the characters of the practicing qualification personnel in construction market, probabilistic neural network is brought out...
Authors: Bing Hai Zhou
Abstract:Photolithography is usually the bottleneck process with the most expensive equipment in a semiconductor wafer fabrication system. To improve...
Authors: Zi Yang Cao, Hua Li
Abstract:To improve the dynamic performance of developed micro-milling system, the servo parameters were adjusted and the PID values were optimized...
Authors: Lin Li, Bo Wang, Luo Chen
Abstract:To optimize agriculture structure, it is important to develop middle and lower factors of the industrial chain and to improve its...
Authors: Qi Zhang, La Dao Yang, Heng Wen
Abstract:A two-dimensional (2-D) heat transfer and solidification model has been established and applied to calculate the temperature distribution and...
Authors: Yin Da Sun, Wen Qin Xu, Bai Qing Zhou, Wen Yong Tao
Abstract:The electromechanical professional have been recommended to be one of the ten urgently needed in the 21st century. According to problems...
Authors: Yin Da Sun, Wen Qin Xu, Bai Qing Zhou, Feng Zhu
Abstract:The conventional technology about how to segmental machining and welding form the straight-drawing pole in automobile has been changed by a...
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