Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mostafa Ahmed Shokshok, Mohd Nizam A. Rahman, Abd Wahab Dzuraidah, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail

Abstract: This paper is to investigate the current status of national culture variables in Libyan manufacturing companies to furnish a base for TQM...

Authors: Yan Tao Wang

Abstract: The method to develop the rolling tool system for the fin forming machine is presented in this paper. The principle of the waveform shaping...

Authors: Yi Cheng Dou, Da Lin Zhu, Bing Zhang, Li Bo Li

Abstract: In the icing electric transmission tower computation, has neglected the influence of ice stiffness and geometric effect to the iron tower...

Authors: Qiang Song, Guang Ju Si, Dong Ning Su, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: Here introduces a kind of clamping device which is driven by linear motor and makes use of lever-wedge serial mechanism to amplify input...

Authors: Dong Zhou, Mei Hui Wang, Lin Huo, Chuan Lv

Abstract: Virtual maintenance technique brings new mode for system maintainability design and analysis, however, the theory of virtual maintenance is...

Authors: Dong Zhou, Zhi Qi Guo, Mei Hui Wang, Chuan Lv

Abstract: We aim to combine the technology of capturing human motion and the technology of virtual reality to carry on assessment of human factors....

Authors: Zhi Wen Zhu, Jin Wang, Jia Xu

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of SMA model based on hysteretic nonlinear theory was developed. Von del Pol nonlinear difference item was introduced...

Authors: Ying Zhu, Xue Liu, Jia Jing, Yong Dang Xie

Abstract: In the modern society, as one of the most important products in the world, automobile is not only bearing its main function, but also many...

Authors: Gang Shi, Na Wang, Chong Du Cho

Abstract: In this paper, a new non-contact sensor is presented for detecting torque of a rotating stepped shaft which is frequently employed in power...

Authors: Zhi Cong Zhang, Kai Shun Hu, Hui Yu Huang, Shuai Li

Abstract: Traditional methods conduct production planning and scheduling separately and solve transfer lot sizing problem between these two steps....


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