Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Sheng Wang, Tjamme Wiegers, Joris S.M. Vergeest

Abstract: Improving the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools by introducing intelligence is now gaining more attention from both researchers and...

Authors: Zhi Guo Wang

Abstract: Multivariate volatility modeling is always a hot topic in academic research. It is difficult to consider how to construct multivariate joint...

Authors: Yin Hua Wang, Wan Ling Wu, Yu Qiang Wang, Chang Xu

Abstract: Practice teaching is an important educational task for hydropower construction engineering major in vocational and technical colleges....

Authors: Chang Hao Piao, Teng Cong

Abstract: After comparing the pros and cons of various isolation monitoring methods, this article presents the isolation monitoring method which based...

Authors: Yan Guang Zhao, Xing Lin Guo, Ming Fa Ren

Abstract: Lock-in infrared thermography method was gradually being used in fatigue studies because of its advantages such as real-time,...

Authors: Lei Wang, Qi Lin Zhang, Lu Chen

Abstract: A thermal-mechanical coupled finite element model has been presented to predict residual and thermal stresses during different stages of...

Authors: Dan Feng Zhou, Jie Li, Colin H. Hansen

Abstract: The track-induced self-excited vibration is a special problem that exists in EMS (Electromagnetic Suspension) maglev systems. In this paper,...

Authors: Guang Ji Tong, Li Qin

Abstract: On the discussion of food safety, the majority of China's scholars believe that the food manufacturer should responsible for its inferior...

Authors: Kang Jia, Jun Hong, Yun Long Li, Zong Bin Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a new method to construct an approximate Topological Graph based on the traditional constructing voronoi diagram by...

Authors: Ju Hong Lin, Jui Chih Kuo, Yi Jen Lin, Ting Yu Chen, Wen Pei Sung

Abstract: The production of bacterial cellulose (BC) from Gluconacetobacter xylinus could be improved by the Taguchi method. Both the initial pH and...


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