Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Liu, Bing Jian Zhang

Abstract: The conservation of historic stone buildings and sculptures is receiving growing attention because of weathering. Now, the techniques for...

Authors: Jin Li, Hong Yi, Yu Fang Zhang

Abstract: Green shipbuilding is the embodiment of sustainable development strategy in the ship manufacturing industry. The combination of concurrent...

Authors: Ming Hu Zhang, De Hu Wang, Shi Jun Lv, Jian Song, Yi Huang

Abstract: Virtual instrument (VI) is an integration of the most recent PC technology, advanced testing technique and strong software package, and the...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Fang Liu, Ping Jiang

Abstract: Functional hybridization is an effective approach to integrated innovation. Two types of functional hybridization are discussed, which are...

Authors: Rui Sun

Abstract: Life-cycle assets management (LCAM) is promising for improving power system efficiency and reliabilities, lowering life-cycle costs of smart...

Authors: Yong Shan Xiao, Fu Min Song, Zhen Yu Zhao

Abstract: The development of PCB CNC drilling machine is toward high-precision and high-speed, and the impact of the join cannot be ignored. Based on...

Authors: Yong Shan Xiao, Fu Min Song, Qiang Fang

Abstract: The placement machine was simulated by multidisciplinary co-simulation method in various working conditions, and its dynamic accuracy was...

Authors: Yan Cui Hui, Yi Qiang Peng, Xian Ye

Abstract: In this paper, a state feedback control algorithm for non-holonomic robot to track a moving object is described. In order to generate...

Authors: Yu Jie Cui, Jian Ning Hua, Pu Shi

Abstract: A general optimization methodology for the optimal design of robotic manipulators is presented and illustrated by its application to a...

Authors: Yu Jie Cui, Jian Ning Hua

Abstract: Detailed analysis is given to kinematics of a 4-DOF manipulator. Forward and inverse kinematics of the manipulator is performed through...


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