Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hong Ge, Wen Feng Li, Wei Song, Wen Tao Dong

Abstract: Mobile robot is high emphasized in educational circles for its rich theoretical connotation, wide application prospect and...

Authors: Jian Bo Yang, Qi Hua Yang, Gang Hai Liu

Abstract: Aim at on-line monitoring of hydraulic SOV's faults, the simulation model of SOV's test oil circuit was established base on hydraulic...

Authors: Shu Feng Sun

Abstract: Microfabrication is a kind of critical technology for the development of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). The frequently-used...

Authors: Guo Yong Zhao, Yu Gang Zhao

Abstract: The various disturbances destroy CNC system tracking accuracy greatly. The ideal servo system should obtain high system precision and...

Authors: Yang Li, Hai Yong Qin

Abstract: In order to realize the on-line monitoring of the effect of laser shock processing(LSP),acoustic waves generated during the LSP of 45 steel...

Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Jian Sun

Abstract: Bullwhip effect means the magnification of demand fluctuations, which is evident in a supply chain when demand increases and decreases,...

Authors: Nian Chun Lü, Yun Hong Cheng, Yun Tao Wang

Abstract: By the approaches of the theory of complex functions, two dynamic propagation problems of symmetrical mode Ⅲ crack were researched. The...

Authors: Gui Hua Han, Ya Ping Wang, Yan Chun Zhong, Jun Peng Shao, Xiao Dong Yu, Yan Qin Zhang

Abstract: A scheme of improving performance of hydrostatic journal support was presented, that is, control journal support pose by controlling flow of...

Authors: Xiang Wu, Ai Guo Li, De Feng Wu, Zi Ma

Abstract: With the development of the green manufacture, a robotic inspection system is presented to meet the requirement of remanufacturing...

Authors: Ai Guo Li, Xiang Wu, De Feng Wu, Wen Biao Wang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the system for object inspection by use of a laser stripe scanner and an industrial robot. In order to ensure the...


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