Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Hua Han, Ming Dong

Abstract: A challengeable environment of semiconductor industry can be characterized by uncertain demands, the long manufacturing lead-time, the...

Authors: Tie Gang Li, Chu Lin Fu, Peng Guan, Tian Biao Yu, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Aiming at uncertainty of process plans in the process decision making, the paper introduced a method based on ant colony optimization (ACO)...

Authors: Bao Sheng Wang, Hong Yan Hao

Abstract: According to the relation between feed servo motor current and cutting force, online monitoring of cutting force is realized by measuring...

Authors: Qing Gong Zhang, Hua Li, Jin Yao

Abstract: The three-dimensional model of a Half Toroidal Continuously Variable Transmission (HT-CVT) was established by CAXA solid design. The...

Authors: Ri Liang Liu, Cheng Rui Zhang

Abstract: STEP-NC is a promising data interface for CNC, by which a comprehensive set of information regarding the product to be manufactured can be...

Authors: Yue Xin Ma, Long Wang, Shao Kui Yang, Yue Jun Liu, Yu Hua Tan

Abstract: Many controversial data and contradictions about basic feature and behaviour of martensite were exhibited in available investigations. New...

Authors: Fu Zhang, Zhao Mei Qiu, Peng Jun Mao, Rui Liang Xu, Wang Jun

Abstract: The model of potato harvester was established by Solidworks software aiming to resolve the problems of low design efficiency and backwards...

Authors: Yuan Tian, Gui Xia Liu, Chun Guang Zhou

Abstract: One of the main purposes in analysis of microarray experiments is to identify differentially expressed genes under two experimental...

Authors: Ling Yun Zhou, Qing Zhang

Abstract: Logistics cost control has become a new source of profits for manufacturing enterprises. Activity based costing (ABC) can achieve great...

Authors: Bernd Arno Behrens, Najmeh Vahed, Edin Gastan, Fabian Lange

Abstract: This paper presents a research work within Collaborative Research Centre 653 “Gentelligent Components in Their Lifecycle”. The term...


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