Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Hai Zhou, Zi Qing Zhai

Abstract: Pitting corrosion damages seriously the structure strength of port facilities. To estimate the lifetime of port facilities, a new lifetime...

Authors: Yi Na Guo, Yong Tang Li

Abstract: Traditional network control systems require designers to use the serial interface or the bus as tools to control equipments. These ways lead...

Authors: An Jiang Cai, Shun Yang

Abstract: Investigating the results from a lack of a systematic framework analysis approach during production line type design in practice, this paper...

Authors: Jun Tian, Shou Yan Zhong, Li Fa Han

Abstract: The enterprise clusters are many enterprises in the same region, which are centralized to produce the same mass products. In the context of...

Authors: Hui Sun, Zhao Jun Zhang, Ying Zhou, Zhi Qing Fan

Abstract: Evaluation of urban public transportation system plays an important role in developing urban public transportation system. When evaluating...

Authors: Jian Hua Jiang, Bu Yun Sheng, Ming Zhong Yang

Abstract: In allusion to the trust evaluation of partner in Dynamic Virtual Enterprise, a trading practice based trust evaluation model was...

Authors: Lei Wang, Jian Jun Zhu

Abstract: Temperature distribution is the foundation to study friction stir welding technique, influence of welding parameters on temperature was...

Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Fan Zhi Kong, Jian Hua Yao

Abstract: In order to monitor the process of laser remanufacturing and control the quality of remanufacturing, a monitoring and control system for...

Authors: Wei Dong

Abstract: In this paper, an evaluation method for product form attractiveness based on Miryoku Engineering was proposed. First is to identify the...

Authors: Man Ding, Wei Sun, Xu Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a product color planning method based on multi-emotion was proposed. This method can generate the optimal product...


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