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Authors: Chang He Li, Jing Yao Li, Ya Li Hou
Abstract:In the grinding process, conventional method of flood delivering coolant fluid by a nozzle in order to achieve good surface integrity....
Authors: Ya Li Hou, Chang He Li, Yu Cheng Ding
Abstract:Based on the modeling and experiments concerning the surface roughness in abrasive jet finishing with grinding wheel as restraint, the effect...
Authors: Shu Xing Du, Min Xue, Bin Luo, Chun Ai Lin
Abstract:By utilizing object-oriented technology and unified data structure, the intelligent question band management system of engineering graphics...
Authors: Chun Ming Gong, Hong Shen, Zheng Qiang Yao
Abstract:This paper presents a theoretical transfer matrix method for the modal analysis of nuclear coolant pump, and base on certain similarity law,...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Guo Qun Zhao, Hui Ping Li
Abstract:With finite element software Abaqus, a coupled thermal mechanical simulation of hot stamping process of U-Channel part using high strength...
Authors: Zhu Ge Bin, Yu Cheng, Wei Ming Wang
Abstract:The messages in the Fp reference point of ForCES protocol can be divided into two kinds: control messages and redirect messages. According to...
Authors: Yan Yang, Zi Li Li
Abstract:The fluid flow in the double cyclone separator is numerical simulated, using the Navier-Stokes equations with the Reynolds stress model...
Authors: Gui Ling Sun, Guang Jiao, Bo Liu, Wei Xiang Li
Authors: Zhao Mei Xu, Hai Bing Wu, Zong Hai Hong
Abstract:Artificial neural networks were introduced in the area of laser cladding forming. The prediction model of surface quality in laser cladding...
Authors: Wei Dong He, Ying Hui Zhang
Abstract:Paper built the solid model of RV involute planetary gear with three dimensional modeling software Pro/E, dumped this model into ANSYS with...
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