Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Hui Zhang, Wei Dong He, Xiu Shuang Yang

Abstract: On the assumption that the ring-plate and gear case as rigid body, taken into account the influence of arm bearing and support bearing’s...

Authors: Yi Chao Li, Yi Sheng Zhang, De Qun Li

Abstract: Injection molding which is adopted to fabricate transparent plastic panel has merits such as high efficiency and low cost, and is being used...

Authors: Qing Song Cao, Yun Yun Hong

Abstract: With the rapid development of smart materials, piezoelectric materials used as actuators in vibration isolation platform have been widely...

Authors: Xian Qiong Zhao, Yi Lun Liu, Sheng Huang

Abstract: During the hot rolling process, the perturbation of transverse asymmetry factor will generate strip steering, strip delivery wedge and other...

Authors: Yu Feng Li, Yi Shu Ma, Shu Ai Feng

Abstract: In order to make train monitoring easier, this paper is to design a embedded handheld device to replace the dump box of LKJ2000.Data...

Authors: Xia Yuan, Tie Wang, Wen Xin Fan

Abstract: Firstly the engine models with different types of crankshaft are built, and the load condition of the crankshaft is simulated .After...

Authors: Pei Lin Shi, Guan Lin Xu, Shao Feng Tang, Jun Jie Tang

Abstract: There are many uncertain factors because of the nonlinearity of system and the road surface interference in the electric power steering...

Authors: Wen Sheng Xiao, Xiu Juan Lin, Hong Yan Wang

Abstract: Subsea wellhead for deepwater production subjects to axial force, lateral force and bending moment under the seismic loading, the effect of...

Authors: Li Li, Li Ling Qi, Zong Wei Niu

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation of the machining characteristics of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet using a combination...

Authors: Xi Su, Peng Bai, Yan Ping Feng, Yuan Yuan Wu

Abstract: As the high speed expanding scheme adopted by IEEE802.11b standard, the Complementary Code Keying modulation technology can only perform...


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