Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Chang Wang

Abstract: A new method of equivalent pre-stress is suggested by used of methods of equivalent strain and temperature according to different working...

Authors: Zhong Chang Wang

Abstract: The rose diagram of joint is generalized by grouping the attitude of disclosed discontinuous faces in detecting cavern and measuring point...

Authors: Zhi Feng Ren, Fan Xia Meng, Hai Lian Gui

Abstract: Fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) is applied in three-dimensional elastic contact problem, but the singular integral influence...

Authors: Jing Yun Zhao, Yong Zang, Qin Qin, Di Ping Wu

Abstract: When a new torpedo car is developed, its thermo-mechanical stress must be analyzed carefully in order to guarantee its strength condition....

Authors: Xiao Lei Yue, Yong Li, Han Peng Wang

Abstract: Based on engineering geological conditions and measured data of the in-situ stress at a hydropower station, 3D geological models under each...

Authors: Zi Long Wang, Hua Zhang, Hai Tao Zhang

Abstract: Considering the problem of the concentrating solar cell efficiency restricted by the temperature. The closed two-phase thermosyphon was used...

Authors: Fei Yan Lou

Abstract: A three-dimensional hydrodynamic lubrication model based on lubrication theory is developed which accounts for pad roughness and slurry...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Wan Li Li, Jian Li, Zhang Ping You

Abstract: The performance of engineering machinery and equipments will be affected under the environment of unstable electromagnetic fields. In the...

Authors: Hai Xia Gong, Lin Peng, Pei Ran Jiang, Li Quan Wang

Abstract: The paper aimed to leveling operation of offshore jacket platform, studied mechanics principle of the leveling tool. When the clamp blocks...

Authors: Qing Hua Cao

Abstract: with computer graphics technology continually improved, visual simulation system development of sports simulators has become the hotspot....


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