Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Zhu Li, Zhang Ping Lu, Chun Fa Sha, Li Qing Huang

Abstract: In the trajectory planning process of spray painting robot, an approach to automatic trajectory generation of spray gun using point cloud...

Authors: Li Qing Huang, Ming Zhu Li, Can Qun He

Abstract: Product innovation design based on user experience is a new direction for the development of design theory. It’s also the expansion of user...

Authors: Feng Jian Shi, Tao Xu, Sheng Lu, Lei Gang Wang

Abstract: In this paper, effective strain and load were simulated by rigid-plastic finite element method (FEM) during cyclic channel die compression...

Authors: Yan Liu, Yu Long Zhao, Lu Sun

Abstract: In this paper, a MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) accelerometer has been developed utilizing piezoresistive sensing elements for...

Authors: Fu Yun Liu, Li Zhi Xiao, Bing Kuang

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of variant design, it is not only needs dimension variant design but also needs dimensional tolerance design...

Authors: Yan Chen, Wei Liang Cai, Xiang Jun Zou, Dong Feng Xu, Tian Hu Liu

Abstract: To improve the positioning accuracy of picking manipulator, research of stereo vision positioning for picking object in dynamic was studied....

Authors: Lan Ting Zhang, Hai Qing Cheng, Li Ming Song, Jin Shun Yan

Abstract: Based on the thrust regulating principle of pintle controlled solid-rocket engine, the mathematical model between pintle motion and thrust...

Authors: Xun Ma, Ji Wei Zhang

Abstract: The bracket-cable is one of the important structures of transmission control system of Heavy Commercial Vehicle. By using the compliance...

Authors: Ji Cheng Ding, Lin Zhao, Shuai He Gao, Li Xiong Xia, Jun Ling Zhang

Abstract: A GPS radio frequency (RF) front-end based on discrete components is designed and implemented in this paper. Research on the structures of...

Authors: J. Hung Guo, Kuo Lan Su

Abstract: The article mainly researches path planning and task allocation problems of multiple mobile robots using A* searching algorithm and greedy...


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