Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kuo Lan Su, Yung Chin Lin, Yi Lin Liao, J. Hung Guo

Abstract: The article develops a vision based auto-recharging system for mobile robots, and programs a new docking processing to enhance successful...

Authors: Qiang Li, Wen He, Hong Bo Yan, Hong Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Introduction of spiral bevel gear tooth contact detection method, detection method based on the principle of EPG in the Y9550-type bevel...

Authors: Jie Mei, Yu Zhen, Ding Fang Chen, Wen Feng Li

Abstract: The theoretical derivation of model analysis is elaborated first in the paper. Then combined with the developed micro-feed tool holder, the...

Authors: Xiang Xu, Zhi Xiong Li, Hong Ling Qin

Abstract: Since electro-hydraulic servo system has fast response and highest control accuracy, it has been widely used in industrial application,...

Authors: Li Ying Wang, De Hua Wei, Xiao Long Xu

Abstract: This paper uses artificial neural network (ANN) and one dimensional optimization method to get an auto-analysis method on combination...

Authors: Wei Guo Zhao, Huan Wang, Zi Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we apply support vector regression (SVR) for groundwater level forecasting and compare its results to other prediction...

Authors: Da Chang Zhu, Yu Hang Chen, Li Meng

Abstract: Nanomanipulation could be defined as the manipulation of nanometer size objects using a nanometer size end effector with ultra precision,...

Authors: Da Chang Zhu, Li Meng, Tao Jiang

Abstract: Parallel manipulators has been extensively studied by virtues or its high force-to-weight ratio and widely spread applications such as...

Authors: Bi Zhong Xia, Ping Fa Feng, Hua Yong Yang

Abstract: Based on introduction of the basic configuration, working features of hydraulic drive system of the cutter head in a shield machine, the...

Authors: Bi Zhong Xia, Ping Fa Feng, Hua Yong Yang

Abstract: A hydraulic power limiting valve, HPLV, is a key hydraulic element to realize power limiting control for hydraulic drive system in...


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