Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Wei, Lian Hong Zhang

Abstract: An improved algorithm of tooth contact analysis (TCA) is proposed to overcome the deficiency of the current TCA algorithm for hypoid gear....

Authors: Jiao Ying Huang, Cheng Gao, Hai Wen Yuan, Hang Zou

Abstract: In order to compensate current harmonic in oil drilling power system, the design, development and experimental investigations of an APF were...

Authors: Jian Jun Shi, La Wu Zhou, Ke Wen Kong, Yi Wang

Abstract: . In the coal-rock interface recognition (CIR) technology, signal process and recognition are the key parts. A method for CIR based on BP...

Authors: Tjamme Wiegers, Chen Sheng Wang, Joris S.M. Vergeest

Abstract: Human-computer interaction is often mainly based on the requirements of the software. However, for optimal communication between computer...

Authors: Geng Sheng Zheng, Cheng Liang Li

Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of a RF remote controller using code matching and frequency hopping technology. The...

Authors: Cheng Qiang Yin, Jie Gao, Hong Tao Wang

Abstract: A new parallel cascade control program of multiple degrees of freedom is proposed for chemical and industrial cascade processes. Firstly,...

Authors: Mei Juan Gao, Zhi Xin Yang

Abstract: In this paper, based on the study of two speech recognition algorithms, two designs of speech recognition system are given to realize this...

Authors: Guo Liang Hu, Zhi Gang Gao

Abstract: In order to satisfy the flexibility requirements of the fire fighting in some particular circumstances, a self-swinging control system with...

Authors: Yu Yang He, Bie Lei Zhuang, Xiao Xiong Jin

Abstract: Phononic crystal is a novel type of periodic composites which is presented near years. When the elastic wave frequency falls within its band...

Authors: Zhi Zhou Zhang, Ling Ling Zhang, Long Hua She, Zhi Qiang Long

Abstract: Considering the parameter’s uncertainty of Maglev networked control system, a fuzzy fault-tolerant control method possessing integrity based...


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