Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Zhen Gao, Zhi Qiang Xu, Jing Jun Zhang

Abstract: This paper completes a full car semi-active suspension system model, using improved genetic algorithm approach to optimize the fuzzy logic...

Authors: Jian Bin Chen, Hai Jun Xue

Abstract: In this paper, the design process of the four-legged steel trellis column is introduced for an actual project. The internal force...

Authors: Xiang Yang Chen, Heng Zhen Yan

Abstract: Aiming at the phenomenon of the more conservative design of deep cement stirring pile currently, used optimization design theory such as...

Authors: Qing Sheng Shi, Xiao Ping Zhang, Fuan Chen

Abstract: . In order to improve the energy efficiency of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, it is important to design a suitable regenerative braking...

Authors: Shang Jun Ma, Geng Liu, Zhong Hong Bu

Abstract: A torsional and translational vibration dynamics model for serial herringbone planetary gear train, which considers the effects of the...

Authors: Shu Qing Liu, Xing Song Wang

Abstract: The dynamic model of flexible multi-body system with closed loop is described with natural coordinates. The method is formulaic and...

Authors: Rui Meng, Neng Gang Xie, Xiao Jing Han

Abstract: Considering helical gear transmission's economic performance and drive reliability, construct multi-objective optimization model of the...

Authors: Bo Wei, Lan Yao, Fu Xiang Gao

Abstract: ZigBee technology, based on the IEEE802.15.4 protocol, is a newly developed short range wireless communication technology with the merits of...

Authors: Chao Hui Wang, Xiang Zhang, Liang Zhang, Fei Zhang, Qun Ming Zhang

Abstract: Cleaning the insulation coverings of high voltage power transmission is effective to prevent the flashover accident. This paper designed a...

Authors: Zhen Po Wang, Peng Liu, Hai Bin Han, Chun Lu, Tao Xin

Abstract: The location and the overall arrangement of the charging stations is an important problem with the development of electric vehicles. It is...


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