Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Zhan

Abstract: Ecological Holism regards the overall interests of the ecosystem as the highest value, advocating the integrity, harmony, stability, and...

Authors: Tao Feng, Jing Wang, Nan Li, Wei Min Xiao

Abstract: A kind of hybrid method to calculate the sound transmission loss (STL) of the air cleaner is researched here and the acoustical effect of...

Authors: Shao Fei Jiang, Jia Bo Zhang, Guo Zhong Chai, Ji Quan Li, Mao Ying Su

Abstract: This paper present a cooling simulation method for External Gas-assisted Injection Molding (EGAIM). To simulate the cooling process of...

Authors: Xiao Hui Huang, Guo Qun Zhao, Wen Guang Liu, Pei Lai Liu

Abstract: The frameworks for finite element (FE) model of bone tissue available in pervious literatures, to some extent, are expert-oriented and give...

Authors: Peng Wang, Yuan Zhang, Shao Chen Kang, Jing Lei Xin

Abstract: To solve camera installation error of vision-guide mobile robot, this paper proposes a vertical and horizontal proportion rectangular...

Authors: Cheng Yi Yu, Yi Ying Chang, Yen Chieh Ouyang, Shen Chuan Tai, Tzu Wei Yu

Abstract: Along with digitizing and multimedia era, the image has not changed from the original entity into any changes can be dealt with digital...

Authors: Hong Yi Yang, Xin Zhuang, Li Li Li, Zhi Wei Qin

Abstract: A method was successfully developed for the measurement of the virus-infected region and distribution of virus. The system consists of a in...

Authors: Kuang Cheng Yu, Hung Sheng Chang, Shyi Ming Lai

Abstract: The cold chain in low temperature logistics is closely related to modern life. Temperature control is required when vegetables and fruits...

Authors: Wei Peng Jing, Ya Qiu Liu, Qu Wu

Abstract: In wireless sensor network, energy conservation is the primary goal, while throughput and fault tolerance are other important factor. In...

Authors: Ya Qiu Liu, Qu Wu, Wei Peng Jing, Liang Kuan Zhu

Abstract: The paper focuses on cylinders synchronized control in continuum press for particleboard hot-pressing. An equal-status cross-coupled...


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