Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Jie Meng, Zheng Song

Abstract: Based on the review of researches on the vibration and noise related to automobile brake, a seven degrees of freedom nonlinear dynamics...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng

Abstract: A two degrees of freedom nonlinear dynamics model of self-excited vibration induced by dry-friction of brake disk and pads is built firstly,...

Authors: Tao Xin, Hai Lian Du, Feng Lv

Abstract: This paper introduces the design and simulation of Photovoltaic DC/DC transform circuit and single-phase DC/AC inverter, the parameters are...

Authors: Chen Yi Sun

Abstract: During the last decade, a large amount of research has been published in Taiwan on the reduction of the urban heat island effect for...

Authors: Yan Liu, Fang Hao Song, Fu Jun Ma

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, mobile computers have become indispensable information tools of people’s daily life....

Authors: Zhou Ping Wu, Bei Zhi Li, Jian Guo Yang, Rui Jin Feng

Abstract: High-speed permanent magnet synchronous motorized spindle plays a crucial role in high speed grinding which could greatly improve the...

Authors: Ning Zhao, Hui Guo

Abstract: The coordinate systems for cutting face gears and for meshing of face gear drive with involute cylindrical pinion. The tooth surface...

Authors: Wen Zheng Wu, Ya Dong Chen, Kun Peng Cui, Xing Jun Qin, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Aiming at the filature of titanium plates and screws after defective mandible reconstruction surgery, a method named Finite Element Analysis...

Authors: Xiao Ming Wang, Jian Zhong Shang, Zi Rong Luo, Jun Hong Yang

Abstract: Based on the principle of 2-dofs inertia pendulum, a wave energy converting device (WECD) to realize the energy self-supply for underwater...

Authors: Hong Bin Li, Jing Nuo Yu

Abstract: In order to test the performance of the Automated Mechanical Transmission (AMT) system with low cost, a half-real simulating experimental...


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