Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Zhen Zhou Tang, Zhi Fei Li, Lei Fang

Abstract: Laser shock forming (LSF) of sheet metal is a novel technology in plastic deformation. It is necessary to correctly predict the Forming...

Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Yi He, Yan Ling Lai

Abstract: It is very important that the shape and size of the slab is designed for forging quality in casting-forging coordinate process. The converse...

Authors: Bo Chen, Jin Zheng, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: The analysis of time-varying temperature field of a composite concrete-steel deck plate under strong solar radiation is carried out in this...

Authors: Bo Chen, Jian Feng Wei, Jin Zheng

Abstract: The evaluation on environmental corrosion damage of steel domes is carried out in this study through an integration of knowledge in material...

Authors: Jin Zheng, Bo Chen, Jian Feng Wei

Abstract: The feasibility of using piezoelectric smart devices to develop a smart material-structure system and thereby to prevent structure from...

Authors: Dong Ming Yu, Zhi Qin Liu, Feng Guang Chen

Abstract: The supporting piles of deep foundation pits are usually made in reinforced concrete materials and rarely in prestressed concrete materials....

Authors: Qin Qin, Ze Bo Zhao, Di Ping Wu, Yong Zang

Abstract: In order to improve shearing quality, the structure of rolling-cut shear (RCS) should be designed carefully to guarantee a pure rolling...

Authors: Xue Peng Liu, Dong Mei Zhao

Abstract: In order to meet the needs of networked manufacturing, a methodology to construct a project based on network environment is put forward and...

Authors: Xue Peng Liu, Dong Mei Zhao

Abstract: 3-D mechanics of magnetic- Pneumatic microfabrication stage includes X, Y-direction horizontal force and vertical direction force....

Authors: Hong Xia Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the processes of the lathe spindle are firstly introduced. Next, 3DS MAX software is used to model the lathe spindle with...


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