Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Yang, Qi Fang Bo

Abstract: The realization of function is always the primary motive of designers, and they do their best to design the function of a new product....

Authors: Xin Zhang, Jian Wu Zhang, Li Rong Wan, Meng Zang

Abstract: To solve the shortage of setting load of hydraulic support, this paper puts forward a computer simulation method. The reason for the...

Authors: Ming Jiu Yu, Sui Huai Yu, Chang De Lu

Abstract: Computer aided design system has provided effective help in alleviating the designer with heavy manual labor and raising efficiency and...

Authors: Qian Wang, Lei Shi, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Tong-Tai Bridge is a special-shape arch bridge with arch obliquely cross the curved beam. In order to validate the theoretical solutions and...

Authors: Jun Mei Ding, Tian Rui Zhang, Sha Wang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: According to the practical requirements of collaboration and document management in enterprises, the paper presents the methods of products...

Authors: Ting Yu Chen, Wen Pei Sung, Ming Hsiang Shih, Yu Kuang Zhao

Abstract: Taiwan is limited in space with dense population, and is located in sub-tropical region with high ambient temperature and humidity. In this...

Authors: Hong Li Gao, Xiao Hui Shi, Ling Cong Feng, Li Ping Xu

Abstract: To evaluate accurately working condition of guide, make maintenance strategy, and predict its residual life in the process of machining...

Authors: Jun Liu, Qiu Lin Tan, Chen Yang Xue, Ji Jun Xiong

Abstract: Based on the photo ionization principle, a gas sensor for the hydrazine is designed. The photo ionization gas sensor can also measure other...

Authors: Qiu Lin Tan, Chen Yang Xue, Wen Dong Zhang, Ji Jun Xiong, Jun Liu

Abstract: In the paper, the principle, the preparation and the performance of the dual-color infrared HgCdTe detector is introduced. The detector is a...

Authors: Guo Liang Hu, Xi Jiang

Abstract: Image segmentation is a crucial step of the early fire detection in large space based on image processing technology. The image edges...


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