Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Chen, Ying Liu, Hua Zhang

Abstract: Flexure spring suspensions have demonstrated the ability to provide long operating lifetimes for cryocoolers. The good flexure spring need...

Authors: Fa Yi Qu, Liang Kuan Zhu, Wen Long Song

Abstract: This paper presents a novel control system design method for the three-axis-rotational tracking and vibration stabilization of a spacecraft...

Authors: Xu Dong Dai, Zheng Shan Zhang, Xiang Hui Meng, Zhi Nan Zhang, You Bai Xie

Abstract: The paper analyzes the coupling of multi-disciplinary behaviors, including system dynamical behavior, combustion behavior and tribological...

Authors: Run Liang Dou, Ting Li

Abstract: A scheme selection method on the base of super efficiency DEA (DEA, data envelopment analysis) is put forward in order to design an...

Authors: Qi Fan, Chang Jie Zhu, Liu Yin, Xiao Lu Xu, Feng Rong, Jian Yu Xiao, Bao Hua Wang

Abstract: Normally there is the very huge dataset in the application of medicine and bioinformatics. Traditional association algorithm produces too...

Authors: Shu Lin Liu, Xian Ming Wang, Hui Wang, Hai Feng Zhao

Abstract: The concept of traditional frequency is extended and the concept of local frequency is proposed, which makes the physical meaning of...

Authors: Shu Lin Liu, You Fu Tang, Ji Cheng Liu, Ying Hui Liu

Abstract: . This paper proposes an approach of fault feature extraction for reciprocating compressor gas valves based on theory of cyclic statistics....

Authors: Long Chen, Kun Qian Wang, Ren Ping Xu

Abstract: This paper presents a study of products design and development using virtual modeling system. By means of specific cases, it illustrates the...

Authors: Nan Yan Xiong, Yan Jiang, Yong Yan Wang, Ji Hong Zhou, Cui Ling Wei

Abstract: Object: Three kinds of traits of haematitum including the crude and processed drugs are analyzed and compared in this paper. Methods: By...

Authors: Nan Yan Xiong, Lian We Kang, Xiao Mei Wang, Ji Hong Zhou, Cui Ling Wei

Abstract: Objective: Establishment the iron (Ⅱ), iron (Ⅲ) the content determines separately method in haematitum.Methods: Sample decomposition with...


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