Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Xia Liang, Run Xia Jiang, Liang Xiao, Han Xing Liu

Abstract: Lithium-deficient thin films Li1-xNi0.5Mn0.5O2 were synthesized by sol-gel method using metal lithium, manganese and nickel acetate salts...

Authors: Xin Hua Ni, Tao Sun, Xie Quan Liu, Qing Hua Gu, Xiang Feng Meng

Abstract: Fiber eutectics and transformation particles composite ceramic possessed good strengths and creep resistance. It is mainly composed of fiber...

Authors: Hong Xia He, Hong Xia Liu

Abstract: This paper introduces the machining principles and characteristics of mold grinding cylinder gear as well as the composition of a form disc...

Authors: Kui Yan Song, Xue Shen Liu, Jian Li

Abstract: Through longtitudinal compressing juvenil and mature elm wood after hydrothemal-microwave treatment, stress-strain constitutive relations...

Authors: Ming Hui Guo, Jian Peng Hu

Abstract: To pack a certain quality ratio ammonium lignosulfonate / urea as a filler into the natural wood fiber, Using flat pressure process...

Authors: Ming Hui Guo, Yuan Yuan

Abstract: In our research, a commercial poly (lactic acid) (PLA) film was used in combination with wood fiber matrix to generate biodegradable...

Authors: Ming Hui Guo, Xiao Jian Liu, Zhi Yong Li

Abstract: In order to explore the factors of fraxinus mandshurica veneer dye-uptake, the discourse made use of reactive dyes. The result showed that...

Authors: Xiong Hua Guo, Mao Fu Liu, Chang Rong Zhao

Abstract: For improving surface integrity and machining quality after precision grinding of the parts of nano-ceramic coating, and investigating its...

Authors: H.M.Noor Ul Huda Khan Asghar, M. Asghar, M.S. Awan

Abstract: Polycrystalline spintronic material (Cd0.55Hg0.45Te) was synthesized by conventional solid state reaction. The samples ( = 5 mm and T = 1.5...

Authors: Rui Hu, Zuo Min Liu, Chun Xia Xu

Abstract: The effects of Young’s modulus of materials on the rolling resistance characteristics of ball bearing have been investigated by...


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