Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Ping Zhu, Yi Zhou

Abstract: Aim to remove soluble humic acid (HA) in super-critical boiler make-up water, Y3+-doped ZnO/TiO2 composites were prepared using a...

Authors: Hao Ran Geng, Min Wang, He Wang, Hua Guo

Abstract: In this paper, TiAl intermetallic compound superfine powder is prepared through mechanical alloying and heat treatment, of which the content...

Authors: Wei Zhou Zhong, Shun Cheng Song, Ruo Ze Xie, Xi Cheng Huang, Gang Chen

Abstract: Numerical simulation on container cushion behavior in three impact loading directions is implemented in the present work. The results show...

Authors: Xue Chen, Ming Zhe Li, Zhong Yi Cai, Wen Zhi Fu

Abstract: Dimples are a typical defect in multi-point stretch forming (MPSF) of sheet metal. Comparison on the numerical simulation of the spherical...

Authors: De Sheng Chen, Nong Fen Pan

Abstract: A cylindrical roller planetary traction drive was developed. It comprises a sun roller, three planetary rollers, an outer ring, a stationary...

Authors: Xi Cheng Huang, Wen Jun Hu, Yi Xia Yan, Ruo Ze Xie, Fang Ju Zhang, Yong Mei Chen, Jun Mei

Abstract: In this work the static and dynamic properties of vanadium alloy V-5Cr-5Ti over a wide range of temperature from 20 to 1000 degree at strain...

Authors: Yi Xia Yan, Wei Fang Xu, Xi Cheng Huang, Gang Chen, Zhi Ming Hao

Abstract: The drop test for the thin 2A12 conical shells was developed on a drop hammer. The dynamical responses, typical deformation histories and...

Authors: Lei Jiang, Ji Tao Yao, Ren Xin, Wei Li

Abstract: Currently, durability of concrete structures is a hot area of civil engineering. This paper reviews the background to the study of concrete...

Authors: Lei Jiang, Ji Tao Yao

Abstract: Reinforced concrete slab has the property of two-way bending. In this paper, four test specimens of reinforced concrete slabs were set up to...

Authors: Li Jiu Wang, Xin Gu, Min Hu

Abstract: The compactibility, mobility and segregation stability of self compacting concrete (SCC) is essential for its quality control. Completely...


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