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Authors: Qing Hua Pang
Abstract: A supply chain is made up of independent entities having independent decision-making abilities, each intent on maximizing his benefits. The coordination of a three-level supply chain made up of one manufacturer, one distributor and one retailer is studied under the random demand. Firstly, the optimal order quantity is determined with the channel coordination of the supply chain; Secondly, the paper designs a combined contract (revenue-sharing contract & rebate-penalty contract, RS-RP contract) to coordinate the supply chain, namely, manufacturer offers distributor a revenue-sharing contract and distributor offers retailer a rebate-penalty contract. The paper validates that RS-RP contract can coordinate the three-level supply chain by choosing reasonable parameters. The reasonable choice of parameters can attain the win-win good among all business members, which will help to improve the decision-making capacity and competive ability of businesses involved in the supply chain, and the sizes of parameters in a reasonable range relate to the bargaining position of a business. Finally, the validity of the RS-RP contract is illustrated by a numerical example.
Authors: Fu Qiang Wang, Zhi Yuan Rui, Qin Wu
Abstract: The theory of structural dynamic analysis is put forward in this paper. The dynamic performance of a precision machine tool bed is analyzed by means of finite element method, and the analysis result shows that the natural frequency is too low is the main reason of the vibration of the bed. In order to improve the dynamic performance of the bed, the dynamic performance of the unit structure of the precision machine tool bed is analyzed. Based on the analysis of the unit structure, two structural optimization schemes for the machine tool bed are obtained. Furthermore, two optimization schemes are analyzed by means of finite element method too. Compared to the original machine tool bed, the dynamic performance of two structural optimization schemes is significantly improved.
Authors: Yan Rong Wang, Qiao Ling Xu
Abstract: to cope with the pressure of energy and ecological environment, automobile manufacture industry must implement green technology innovation. According to the characteristics of green technology innovation, the paper puts forward evaluation index system of green technology innovation capacity , establishes comprehensive evaluation model based on improved BP neutral algorithm by Matlab toolbox, and carries out empirical analysis of data from automobile manufacture industry, finally reaches a conclusion.
Authors: Zhi Wei Zhou, Bo Yan Song, Yu Kui Wang, Zun Tao Li, Yang Wang
Abstract: During the whole process of cell culture, it needs enough air, especially oxygen supply. Therefore, the research about air sparger became significant. There are many influence factors of air sparger are important, including air sparger structure, installation location, ventilation rate. In order to solve these problems, the finite element numerical calculation is used to set a numerical model of air-liquid two-phase flow. This analysis makes clear that the distance between air vent and the bottom of bioreactor has little effect on the air voids, and the air voids is higher by adopting the structure of single air vent compared with the one of distribution ring structure. But the ventilation structure of big distribution ring avoids flooding effectively. The air voids of bioreactor increased with the velocity of ventilation is increased within limits. However, it causes air incomplete dispersion in bioreactor, overflowing from head top of the liquid, flooding and low air voids, if the ventilation velocity is over speed.
Authors: Yi Dong Xu, Rui Ping Xu
Abstract: Based on the current production line of artificial aggregate, the waste concrete derived from the same source was crushed by different crushing machine, jaw crusher and impact crusher. This paper focuses on the effect of different crushing machine on gradation and particle shape of recycled aggregate. As is shown by the results, recycled aggregate produced by two crushing methods can satisfy the requirements of specifications. Compared with the recycled aggregate produced by impact crusher, the coarse recycled aggregate produced by jaw crusher have less length/breadth ratio and higher thickness/breadth ratio; particle shape can come closer to round.
Authors: Hao Bo Cheng, Tan Wang, Yun Peng Feng, Yeung Yam
Abstract: Magnetorehological jet finishing (MJF) for optical materials is a promising technique, which characterized as polishing arbitrary surface patterns and correction plates, micro-channels, thin ultra-uniform thickness substrates and near perfect optical components. The process and the machine are complicated. This paper is concerned with the process optimization and tool design, and results obtained by FEA on the designed MJF tool.
Authors: Jamian Rahim, Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman
Abstract: Quality improvements are implemented through various systems, techniques and tools in a company. The implementation of quality initiatives are commonplace in large companies rather than the smaller ones. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are usually constrained by their size, expertise and financial resources. Nevertheless, it is important for them to improve their quality of physical work setting and working environment to sustain a competitive advantage. 5S is one of the most widely adopted techniques for industrial housekeeping and, in improving the quality of workplace environment. Since the cost of the development and implementation is one of the main constraints for 5S program at workplace in SMEs, the sustainable design concept shall be adopted. As the main part of the research work, a conceptual model of continuous improvement initiative for quality working environment within small and medium-sized manufacturing companies was developed and proposed. The focus of this research study is on the aspect of how to implement the 5S practices by incorporating sustainable design for improving a quality workplace environment and reducing the environmental impacts through a comprehensive approach. Finally, conclusions are drawn and suggestions made for further research in SME companies.
Authors: Rui Zhou, Lian Hong Zhang, Yu Hong Liu
Abstract: Residual stress in green compact is an important factor to influence the quality of the compact and corresponding powder metallurgy product. To understand the residual stress, a finite element model is set up to simulate the single and double action pressing, unloading and ejecting of powder compacting process. Results show that compaction type has significant influence on the rule of residual stress state and the double action pressing is more helpful to reduce the risk of cracking than the single action pressing. Also better lubricant condition is beneficial to improve residual stress in the green compact.
Authors: Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: For the modern pulp and paper industry with high technical requirement, huge energy consumption and large pollution output, the computer integrated process system (CIPS) of the flow industry which could effectively integrate corporate management concept, information technology and automatic control technology is necessary. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of various workshop sections of the pulp and paper industry, we put forward the CIPS three-layer system structure (ERP, MES and PCS) which could be applied in the pulp and paper industry, and a new CIPS optimized application project based on SIMATIC PCS7 software platform for the papermaking corporation is realized.
Authors: Jian Bing Huang, Duo Ning, Zhong Jun Xiao
Abstract: According to the features of papermaking production line, a new kind domestic distributed control system MACS is developed here for the practice application. The methods of hardware component and software realization for the control system are proposed. Practices prove that the novel distributed control system for the paper-making production line can run automatically, safely and smoothly which can achieve high performance index, and it can sharply reduce the cost of construction and installation as well as the cost of maintenance.

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