Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Pei Sung, Ming Hsiang Shih, Yu Kuang Zhao

Abstract: The digital image correlation (DIC) technique is developed for identifying the crack development in brick wall and reinforced concrete beam....

Authors: Wei Dai, Zhong He Shui, Kai Li, Ping Duan

Abstract: Modification of structure and thermodynamic properties of montmorillonite is studied by molecular dynamics simulation. The simulation...

Authors: Na Wang, Juan Rong Ma, Hai Bo Liu

Abstract: The influence of structural sealant on mechanical behavior of hidden frame curtain wall was analyzed by using uniform negative pressure...

Authors: Hong Tao Zhang, Bo Chen, Ming Zhi Zhai, Lei Li

Abstract: Joining Cu to Al has been carried out by high-frequency induction brazing without filler metal. Experimental results showed that the...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, Cheng Guo, Jian Li, Zhen Long Wang

Abstract: This paper discusses a design of a flexible bending biomimetic octopus arm unit. Firstly, bending function of the octopus arm is analyzed....

Authors: Zhen Long Wang, Jian Li, Yang Wei Wang, Yu Kui Wang

Abstract: Inspired by some batoid fishes using horizontal trigonal pectoral fin for propulsion or maneuverability, a micro flexible mimetic propulsor...

Authors: Zhong Cao, Shu Long, Xiang Shi, Ju Lan Zeng, Li Xian Sun, Rong Hua Yang

Abstract: The electrochemical behaviors and sensing application of 100nm-gold plate electrode based on 6-amino-1-hexanethiol (6-AHT) self-assembled...

Authors: Jing Hua Zhao, Shu Min Wan, Shuang Yi Li, Feng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the fatigue behavior of self-piercing riveting (SPR) joints is compared with resistance spot welding (RSW) joints for the...

Authors: Wu Yu, Ming Yu Zhi, Xiao Juan Jin

Abstract: Activated carbons were prepared from waste particle board (WPB) by K2CO3 activation. The effects of different parameters, such as...

Authors: Xiao Wei Du, Li Rong Li

Abstract: A higher performance signal processing module is demanded because of the high sensitivity of fiber-optic sensor probe. Excellent signal...


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