Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Ling Li, Zhi Gang Li, Meng Wu, Chun Tao Zhao

Abstract: Decision-making is necessary in the process of product design, but in many cases, about the information of decision-making, there are...

Authors: Ning Shan

Abstract: Hybrid-driven five-bar mechanism that combines the motions of two characteristically different motors can attain the flexibility output...

Authors: Dao Chun Hu, Lei Wang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the forming process methods of cam in CPU socket to control its open and close. The whole process is pierce, notch, the...

Authors: Duo Jun Lv, Yong Feng Li, Chi Jiang, Yue Hong Zhang, Yi Xing Liu

Abstract: A novel wood-based composite, Wood-PSt Composite, combining both advantages of wood and polymer was fabricated by impregnating styrene...

Authors: Chang Jin, Hong Zhou, Yan Fang Hou

Abstract: Five different exhaust configurations were installed on the vehicle respectively and binaural sound signals at rear left passenger under ten...

Authors: Hai Rong Wang, Jun Qiang Ren, Guo Liang Sun, Di Cen

Abstract: This paper presents a micro solid electrolyte CO2 gas sensor in which Li2CO3, Li2TiO3-TiO2 serves as sensing and reference electrodes...

Authors: Hao Han Zhang, Ming Zhe Li, Wen Zhi Fu, Zhi Qing Hu

Abstract: Multi-Roll Stretch Forming process is a new flexible process which is used in forming hyperbolic-degree surface pieces. A series of finite...

Authors: Xun Qian Xu, Zhen Qing Liu, Guo Qing Wu, Chen Zhang

Abstract: An axle-equivalent system was conducted for the concrete bridge deck thin pavement design according to classification of failure types....

Authors: Ke Hu, Xiao Qiang Li, Sheng Guan Qu

Abstract: Spark plasma sintering (SPS) method was used to consolidate ultra-fine and mixed 93W-5.28Ni-1.32Fe-0.4Y2O3 (wt pct) powders, and the effects...

Authors: Ke Sheng Wang

Abstract: To solve the fracture problem of pin round punch when stamping small holes on stainless steel sheets, the retaining structure was analyzed...


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