Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Li, Xue Song Mei, Shan Hui Liu

Abstract: In the printing process, it mainly depends on the stability of systematic tension control to ensure the quality of print. Meanwhile,...

Authors: Jun Lin Li, Cai Xia Ren, Wen Ting Zhao, Jing Zhao

Abstract: The orthotropic bi-material plane interface end of a flat lap is studied by constructing new stress functions and using the composite...

Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: The rigid-visco-plastic finite element model for the hot forging process of transmission shaft flange yoke was established, and two forging...

Authors: Ying Tong

Abstract: As one of the principal failures, ductile fracturing restricts metal forming process. Cockcroft-Latham fracture criterion is suited for...

Authors: Xiao Hui Jiang, Bei Zhi Li, Jian Guo Yang, He Long Wu

Abstract: In this paper, with the milling processing of aluminum-alloy thin-walled parts as the research object, using software AdvantEdge, a milling...

Authors: Xiao Hua Yang, Ding Zhang, Lin Kuang, Yong Zhang, Wen Yong Ding

Abstract: A 3D FE model of exfoliation corroded holed aluminum plates repaired with adhesively bonded composite patches was established in this paper,...

Authors: Tian Han Xu, Yao Rong Feng, Sheng Yin Song, Zhi Hao Jin

Abstract: An investigation into the fatigue crack growth behavior of N80 steel was carried out for casing-drilling technology. The results show that...

Authors: Ji Tao Du

Abstract: Tailor rolling blanks(TRB) act an important method for automobile light-weight, the process model of TRB forming panels is put forward, key...

Authors: Ji Tao Du

Abstract: The surface contact impression(SCI) is the neglected forming defect and seriously affects surface quality and mechanical property of...

Authors: Ke Yan Tang, Li Hua Zhou, Li Song

Abstract: The milling process has been widely used for manufacturing aeronautical materials. It is very important to choose the reasonable milling...


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