Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Wei Ji, Yong Qing Wen

Abstract: In recent years, piezoelectric actuator is being widely used in vibration suppression and micro positioning applications for its fast...

Authors: Hua Wei Ji, Yong Qing Wen

Abstract: The magnetically controlled shape memory alloy (MSMA) is a new type of intelligent materials, which has large strain and high efficiency of...

Authors: Da Zu Huang, Zhi Gang Chen, Xin Li, Ying Guo

Abstract: Quantum channel combining and splitting, called quantum channel polarization, is suggested to design qubit sequences that achieve the...

Authors: Xi Miao Jia, Guo Ping Song, Ting Wang, Feng Kong

Abstract: Due to the variety and the randomicity of its influencing factors, the electricity demand forecasting is a difficult problem for a long...

Authors: Jin Cai, Yuan Li, Jian Feng Yu, Hua Tao

Abstract: The GA and multi-objective optimization approach is flexible in application and extremely reliable, providing optimal results for all...

Authors: Jin Chen, Zhi Yu Xiao, Chao Jie Li, San Cai Deng, Tung Wai Leo Ngai, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: High velocity compaction technology was used to press 316L stainless powders. Effects of impact times on stress wave, green density and...

Authors: Wei Ma, Yong Chao Lu, Yong Gang Liu, Ji Shun Li, Yu Jun Xue

Abstract: Multi-plies bellows is a kind of cylindrical thin-walled container with curved shape. It is effective in seal, energy storage and vibration...

Authors: Shi Lian Xu, Rui Hong Wang, Ruo Qi Li, Ren Ping Xu

Abstract: The brittle is crippling the application of bioceramic. The compound bioceramic is a new biomaterial being widely applied in medical...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Yi Xin Liu, Lin Tian, Yu Kun Dou

Abstract: In order to analysis the processing and serviceability of soybean protein-PVA fibers, the thermal property is studied by TG and DSC and...

Authors: Xin Zhong Wang, Guang Hui Yu, Shi Guo Li, Cheng Guo Wu

Abstract: Thermal annealing effects on the recovery of surface-etched nanoporous n-type gallium nitride (GaN) templates for growth optimization have...


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