Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Feng Yin, Bin Liu, Hong Ying Ni

Abstract: Testing data generation system is an important guarantee for the realization of the maintainable, and effective automated testing of...

Authors: Jun Ye Li, Wei Na Liu, Li Feng Yang, Bin Liu, Lei Zhao, Zheng Li

Abstract: Through analysis of abrasive flow machining principle, this paper explores the design of equipment which is suitable for nozzle micro-hole...

Authors: Bo Li, Ya Zhang, Hong Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Large quantity dynamic testing experiments are carried out to testing the parameter of electronic components in high over loading impact...

Authors: Hui Qiang Liu, Si Fang Zhao, Jing Jing Wang

Abstract: Base on the structure and working principle of electronic fuel injector, according to the related theories of electromagnetic field and flow...

Authors: Yong Sun, Mao Rui Zhang, Wei Wei Liu, He Li, Li Na Zhang

Abstract: The permutation algorithm with simulated annealing is proposed for the laser antimissile problem. The attacking sequence optimization plays...

Authors: Yong Quan Zhou, Zheng Xin Huang, Yan Lian Du, Qiao Qiao Gong

Abstract: This paper presents a new hybrid mean particle swarm optimization algorithm with improved NEH heuristic approach and local search strategies...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Liang, Fu Xuan Huang, Kui Sheng Chen, Xin Yuan Chen, Shu Guang Fu, Zhi Wu Huang

Abstract: Through the analysis of the current researches on servo cylinder dynamic characteristic testing methods, this paper puts forward a new...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Li Xin Huang, Yong Shan Xiao, Bai Liu

Abstract: In the manufacturing industry, high speed milling plays a very important role. The paper introduced a number of essential core component of...

Authors: Jiang Liu

Abstract: Crankshaft is a key transmission part in single-cylinder diesel engine, but its mass casting production is a problem. Based on the...

Authors: Jiang Liu

Abstract: Through the reaction model of Fe powder in liquid Al melt, constructed the dynamic model of Al-Fe reaction and analyzed it’s forming...


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