Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiu Shui Yu, Zhi Yong An, Tong Pan, Yu Han Gao

Abstract: The resolution of aerial images was low, because the aviation aerospace camera was far from the scenery when shooting. In order to see the...

Authors: Li Guo Zhang, Hong Jie Kou, Yu Chun Zhao

Abstract: Aiming at the computer vision image, firstly, image edge feature is obtained using the edge detection algorithm based on wavelet analysis,...

Authors: Sheng Xu, Man Wang

Abstract: In recent years, evaluating the patenting activity has gained a renewed interest in both growth economists and trade economists. An...

Authors: Yu Dong Zhang, Le Nan Wu, Yuan Kai Huo, Shui Hua Wang

Abstract: A novel global optimization method is proposed to find global minimal points more effectively and quickly. The new algorithm is based on...

Authors: Li Zhao Zhu, Xiao Rong Chen

Abstract: Aimed at the characteristics of the algorithms for moving objects detection, this paper describes the detection algorithm which integrates...

Authors: Cong Hu, Shi You Guan, Da Wei Huang

Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the features and technical points of the new generation of instrument bus LXI (Lan eXtension for Instrument)....

Authors: Wang Chun Zhu, Hai Ying Gao, Zhi Li

Abstract: In many testing and controlling fields, a long time and continuous data acquisition is in great need to realize real-time monitoring,...

Authors: Qing Tao Wu, Bin Hua, Rui Juan Zheng, Ming Chuan Zhang

Abstract: Intrusion tolerance has been a key technology of system survivability. To cope with the absence of self-adaptability on existent intrusion...

Authors: Teng Long, Li Liu, Huai Jian Li

Abstract: The advantages of global sensitivity equation (GSE) method are firstly pointed out, with which an improved multiple discipline feasible...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Hang Jun Zhou, Yu Xing Peng, Si Kun Li

Abstract: The consistency problem is one of the key issues to determine system functionality and performance in DVE systems. The existing methods...


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