Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuang Chen, Nian Qin Guo

Abstract: Based on the virtual prototype model of super-heavy vibrating screen, the simulink software is used to analyse the transient resonance...

Authors: Hai Yan Kong, Fang Qin, Bing Fei Gu, Guo Lian Liu

Abstract: In the research of 2D anthropometry and application, the pattern design system of men’s pants developed by this paper has full capacity of...

Authors: Ye Xu, Hai Zhao

Abstract: This paper designs and implements an Internet interface in an embedded POS system based on Webit, an embedded platform and interface for...

Authors: Rui Li, Neng Gang Xie, Rui Meng, Gang Xu

Abstract: The current studies have shown the necessary condition for cooperation is that cost must be less than benefit and there is no cooperation...

Authors: Xi Su, Peng Bai, Yi Ying Wang, Yan Ping Feng

Abstract: Nowadays, compressing linear frequency modulated signals is usually based on DSP and realized by software. It is not only has no advantages...

Authors: Le You Zhang, Qing Wu, Yu Pu Hu

Abstract: Using a biometric as an identity has the advantage that identities are unique if the underlying biometric is of a good quality, such as...

Authors: Guang Ying Yang, San Xiu Wang, Yue Chen

Abstract: This paper introduced a pattern recognition method based on auto-regression (AR) model and bayes taxonomy. The proposed methodology consists...

Authors: Jian Jun Shen, Hua Tian, Zhi Chun Gan

Abstract: When developing a combat simulation system model, how to design its architecture determines if the final simulation result is satisfying or...

Authors: Heng Wu Li

Abstract: Pseudoknots have generally been excluded from the prediction of RNA secondary structures due to its difficulty in modeling. Here we present...

Authors: Yo Hsien Lin, Hao En Chueh

Abstract: Document classification is the procedure that a document is assigned into one of the predefined categories according to its content. In many...


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