Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Huang Zhao, De Jian Zhou, Yu Ming Xu, Jia Lin Liu

Abstract: Aim to build a good service environment in public technical network and create a opportunity for middle-small enterprise developing and...

Authors: Zhi Jun Zhang, Shi Wei Zhang, Cheng Hai Xu

Abstract: The unsteady water discharge rate on performance of storage-type domestic electrical water-heaters with wedged inlet was studied by computer...

Authors: Shu Hua Zheng, Li Xin Fan, Jun Qiang Liu, Xiao Ping Chen

Abstract: For the purpose to analyze the way to acquire PLC Data based on OPC Techniques and Ethernet, the PLC communication techniques and the OPC...

Authors: Hao Chen, Guo Qun Zhao, Cun Sheng Zhang, Dao Sheng Wen

Abstract: The shape of welding chamber is a key parameter in flat porthole die extrusion process, which influences product quality and die life-span...

Authors: Lan Yun Qin, Guang Yang, Wei Wang, Ming Tong, Xing Liang Wang

Abstract: TiC reinforced titanium matrix functionally graded materials (FGM) has been produced by processes of laser metal deposition through changing...

Authors: Liang Hua, Lin Lin Lv, Ju Ping Gu, Yu Jian Qiang

Abstract: The key technilogies of ship-welding mobile robot applied to ship-building in plane block production line were researched and realized. The...

Authors: Liang Hua, Ju Ping Gu, Yu Jian Qiang, Lin Lin Lv

Abstract: This study put forward a novel high precision digital curvilinear displacement sensor.The high frequency pulses were used to represent the...

Authors: Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad

Abstract: In this paper, single-processors jobshop scheduling problems are solved by a heuristic algorithm based on the hybrid of priority dispatching...

Authors: Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad

Abstract: The usage of lubrication in machining processes especially in high speed milling is very important. In this research, some steel samples are...

Authors: Feng Xu, Jian Jun Zhu, Dai Qiang Peng, Xiao Jun Zhang, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, the study is carried out on the milling parameters optimization and cutting database development of radar key parts in...


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