Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hua Liu, Ming Yi Zhu

Abstract: By Means of Fluent 6.3,the paper simulated the solid-liquid two-phase flow to a centrifugal sewerage pump,using Eulerian Mixture Model under...

Authors: Chun Mei Li, Feng Kui Cui

Abstract: In order to improve effect of VSR(vibration stress relief)for large machine tool body, the VSR process parameters must be optimized. This...

Authors: Jin Bo Chen, Zheng Peng Yuan, Zhen Bang Gong

Abstract: An autonomous system of the bucket wheel reclaimer is developed to improve capability of the reclaimer in dark or bad whether. It obtains...

Authors: Zhong Guo Zhang, Bin Gao, Zhao Hui Liu

Abstract: The experimental study method of the multi-layered spaced protective structure with stiffeners, which is called structural target, is...

Authors: Zhong Guo Zhang, Bin Gao, Zhao Hui Liu

Abstract: Under penetrating condition, the plastic deformation of structural target is divided into local deformation region and global deformation...

Authors: Zhong Guo Zhang, Yu Zhou Sun, Bin Gao

Abstract: The carrying capacity and energy absorption characteristic of foamed aluminum (or aluminum foam), fabricated by melt foaming technique, are...

Authors: Jiang Hua Zhang, Zhen Juan Gao, Can Sun

Abstract: According to various reports, E-Commerce has been developing rapidly in China. Under this circumstance, companies are faced with the choice...

Authors: Yong Heng Chen, Wan Li Zuo, Feng Lin He

Abstract: Most contemporary database systems query optimizers exploit System-R’s Bottom-up dynamic programming method (DP) to find the optimal query...

Authors: Xin Qiao Yu, Wei Zhang

Abstract: Group decision making process(GDM) has the characteristic of drawing on the wisdom of the mass, but in current social activities especially...

Authors: Chu Chen, Zhi Guo Lu, Jian Ping Lin

Abstract: To describe the heat transfer of fully-closed adhesive joint in curing process, adhesive joint, enclosure for closing joints and its inner...


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