Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science

Volumes 44-47

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ren Ping Wang, Y.P. Lei

Abstract: The elaborated model solves the coupled equations of a laminar fluid flow and heat transfer to predict the temperature distribution in the...

Authors: Jiang Long, Wei An Jiang

Abstract: In order to improve the overall equipment effectiveness, a new method for maintenance scheduling in manufacturing systems using the...

Authors: En Gao Peng, Lin Liu Zheng, Yu Zhong Tian, Fang Lan

Abstract: When the stern bearing is operating, friction-induced vibration occurs because of friction and has some potential danger. In vibration test,...

Authors: Jun Liu, Jun Xiao, Xian Zheng Sha

Abstract: Wall climbing robot is widely studied and used in a lot of industries such as cleaning, nuclear industry, construction industry and fire...

Authors: Sheng Yu Liu, Jian Ying Guo

Abstract: The heat generation caused by tool-chip friction and chip deformation strongly influences the tool wear and tool life in metal cutting...

Authors: Ming Gang Xu, Xue Ke Luo, Yong Li

Abstract: A new tool electrode high frequency vibration assisted micro-hole EDM machine tool aimed to resolve the problem of machine large quantities...

Authors: Zhi Jiang Zuo, X. Tan, Yao Li

Abstract: A new rolling machine with 12 pairs of driven rollers and idle rollers was innovated, which could roll thin walled rings. It is an advance...

Authors: Xiu Sheng Chen, Qiang Wang, Dong Mei Cai, Xian Ke Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, failure of die for metal extrusion process is discussed and failure types of the dies are presented firstly. A novel...

Authors: Jian Ming Zhan, Jian Hua Mao, Qi Tong Liu

Abstract: When nano-abrasives of high speed polish work-piece, they cut it and crush it and there are brittle fracture and surface distortion. For...

Authors: Jun Feng Pei, Jun Ning Liu, Wei Ying He

Abstract: Laser shock processing (LSP) is a new technique for metal surface strengthening by which residual compressive stress in the superficial...


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