The Effect of Pheromone in Ant-Based Hyper-Heuristic


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- Ant algorithms mimic the behavior of the ants where their important behavior is the ability to find the shortest path between food sources and their nest despite being almost blind. In the algorithms, as ants travel, they deposit a chemical substance called pheromone which; together with visibility values is used to make decisions. This paper investigates the effects of pheromone values on solving a routing problem; the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) In our approach, in order to produce a generalized approach, we developed an ant-based hyper-heuristic where pheromone and visibility values consider a non-domain specific knowledge. In this paper, we propose to provide all visited heuristics with some amount of pheromone. The distribution of pheromone values will be distributed proportioned to the performance done by the ants. This is to encourage the exploration of new edges that might lead to better solutions. We show that our results are better when compared to two other ant algorithm hyper-heuristics in the literature.



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He Rui




A. A. Zalilah, "The Effect of Pheromone in Ant-Based Hyper-Heuristic", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 446-447, pp. 1202-1206, 2014

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November 2013





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