The Financial Management System Based on Android and SQLite


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SQLite is a lightweight database which is widely used in most of embedded devices becauseof its advantages such as open source, zero configuration, self-contained, server less, highly concurrent, etc. The Android application in this paper uses SQLiteOpenHelper to initialize the database and store many kinds of data types such as text, date, time, image into database. GalleryAdapter extended from BaseAdapter is used to write the image taken by camera and stored in SD card into the database table. The design of user interface is aesthetic and convenient. The user experience is favorable. It is a good choice for family financial management.



Edited by:

Keon Myung Lee, Prasad Yarlagadda and Yang-Ming Lu




X. L. Feng et al., "The Financial Management System Based on Android and SQLite", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 462-463, pp. 974-977, 2014

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November 2013




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