Nonlinear Response of C/C Composite Laminated Panels with Temperature Gradients under Guassian Pressure Waves


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Carbon-Carbon composite material is widely used as the thermal protection systems (TPS) of hypersonic vehicles for its special mechanical and heat-proof capabilities. The thin-walled structures with this kind of materials would exhibit large displacement response under high-level acoustic loads. Usually, the external heating is non-uniform. In the paper, a finite element model for analyzing nonlinear random dynamic behaviors of Carbon-Carbon composite panels with temperature gradients under Guassian sound excitation is founded. The total system response is decomposed into the time-independent component and the time-dependent component, using the equivalent linearization technique. Numerical results include root mean square (RMS) values of maximum deflections, time histories and power spectrum densities (PSD) of the deflection response. The results obtained in this paper can contribute to the thorough understanding of thermo-acoustic response of composite thin-walled structures.



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Ikuo Ihara




Y. D. Sha et al., "Nonlinear Response of C/C Composite Laminated Panels with Temperature Gradients under Guassian Pressure Waves", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 470, pp. 1062-1068, 2014

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December 2013




* - Corresponding Author

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