Optical Music Recognition for Numbered Music Notation with Multimodal Reconstruction


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Optical music recognition (OMR) is attracted a lot attention on different music notation system which could be so focused on Back’s C-Clefs; in contrast, it could handle complete modern music symbols. One of notation system, numbered music notation, which is literally call “simplified notation”, is popular in many Asia countries. There is a traditional Chinese hymnbook, which usually used in small group of worship, in which one page has several hymns. We propose algorithms for the recognition of those notations in camera images of the hymn, which could effectively identify score zone and lyric zone, segment notation image, classify music notation, and reconstruct scores from classified notation by their coordinates and neighborhood relationship. Those algorithms comprise the preliminary demo system by which we provide a solution for music information retrieval and reconstruction.



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Chien-Hung Liu




F. H. F. Wu and J. S. R. Jang, "Optical Music Recognition for Numbered Music Notation with Multimodal Reconstruction", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 479-480, pp. 943-947, 2014

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December 2013




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