Simulation about Bionic Push of Amphibious Vehicle


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The traditional method of propulsion of Amphibious vehicles in water has tracked the water, propeller and waterjet propulsion. But the propulsive efficiency is very low, the maximum not more than 30%. Biological methods used to promote, through the million years of evolution, its power utilization of the highest, the best way. Bionic propulsion system designed in this paper consists of two umbrella-shaped wing plate in the large travel agency travel back and forth, driven by a straight line, Carried out along the longitudinal reciprocating motion of vehicles in the water under the influence of backward movement of the wing disk automatically open, resulting in tension on the vehicle forward, Forward movement of the wing disc automatically shut down to reduce the flow resistance. In this way, amphibious vehicles, with the wing disc back and forth movement, has been the role of forward traction, so that forward movement of vehicle. In this paper, the same wing disc, wing disc at different angles, different velocity simulation of the situation. Come forward to promote strength and speed, angle of the curve. To promote the device provides the basis for the physical design and manufacture.



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Zhixiang Hou






Z. S. Jing et al., "Simulation about Bionic Push of Amphibious Vehicle", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 48-49, pp. 1057-1060, 2011

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February 2011




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