Research on Dynamic Simulation of Former Fuselage Assembly


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Considering general weakness in the current development of assembly, the paper analyses the structure of former fuselage and the function of assembly. After a thorough investigation and research on extensive analysis, this paper completes three-dimension structural design of former fuselage assembly using digital flexible assembly technology. The three-dimension structural design includes the design of transmission, the design of power sector and the design of actuator combining innovative design methods. The paper completes modeling of front fuselage assembly based on the modular design thought. The module mainly includes the base module, the guide module, the driver module, the execute module and the connection module. And then, the paper accomplishes overall tooling of front fuselage assembly and collision analysis of assembly by using CATIA software. Finally, the paper also completes making the animation by using 3DVIA Composer software. The animation depicts the movement of former fuselage assembly and completes the dynamic simulation.



Edited by:

Zhixiang Hou






E. L. Cao and J. D. Zhang, "Research on Dynamic Simulation of Former Fuselage Assembly", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 48-49, pp. 946-949, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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