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Authors: Jing Bo Liu, Gui Fen Zhao
Abstract:The power quality has attracted considerable attention from both utilities and users due to the development of sensitive electronic equipment...
Authors: Chun Tao Man, Tian Feng Wang, Xiao Bo Sun, Xin Xin Yang, Jia Cui
Abstract:According to modeling problem for complex systems, a compensatory fuzzy neural network (CFNN) modeling method based on particle swarm...
Authors: Hamed Rezaei, Houman Sadjadian
Abstract:Electric power steering (EPS) systems are rapidly replacing existing traditional hydraulic power steering systems due to their important...
Authors: Chun Li Xie, Tao Zhang, Dan Dan Zhao, Cheng Shao
Abstract:A design method of LS-SVM based stable adaptive controller is proposed for a class of nonlinear continuous systems with unknown nonlinear...
Authors: Xian Ping Fu, Sheng Long Liao
Abstract:As the electronic industry advances rapidly toward automatic manufacturing smaller, faster, and cheaper products, computer vision play more...
Authors: Wei Jian Ren, Yuan Jun Qi, Wei Lv, Cheng Da Li
Abstract:According to the phenomenon of falling into local optimum during solving large-scale optimization problems and the shortcomings of poor...
Authors: Sheng Guo Gao
Abstract:Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) have been attracted significant research during the last few years. The primary medium access control...
Authors: Fa Ming Zhang
Abstract:A two-dimensional density weighted averaging combined ( ) operator is built based on the information aggregation of two-dimensional density...
Authors: Jian Liang Wang, Chao Yang
Abstract:This paper presents a new method to calculate control delay at signalized intersection or other types using speed-time data. For the control...
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