Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis VI

Volumes 5-6

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H. Shahverdi, Cristinel Mares, W. Wang, C.H. Greaves, John E. Mottershead

Abstract: Finite element model updating of a Westland Lynx XZ649 helicopter tail is presented. Eigenvalue sensitivities with respect to Young’s...

Authors: C.M. Chia, Jem A. Rongong, Keith Worden

Abstract: The Hybrid Cellular Automata (HCA) algorithm has been used by several researchers to optimise structures during the last decade. Close...

Authors: S. Quinn, S.S.J. Moy, Keith Piggott

Abstract: The combination of simulation and physical testing is powerful. In this case study Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and a 96 tonne load test...

Authors: Lianshan Lin, Haiyan Li, Alex S.L. Fok, Mark Joyce, T. James Marrow

Abstract: A simple finite-element-based inverse method has been devised with the aim of characterizing the properties of isotropic but heterogeneous...

Authors: P. Smith Neto, E.S. Palma, V.M. Figueiredo Bicalho

Abstract: The main objective of this work was to introduce Reflexive Photoelasticity Technique in qualifying automotive components at Fiat Automoveis...

Authors: Fabrice Pierron, Guillaume Vert, Richard L. Burguete, Stephane Avril, René Rotinat, M.R. Wisnom
Authors: Alexander D. Fergusson, Amit Puri, Andrew Morris, John P. Dear

Abstract: Composite sandwich structures are finding increasingly widespread use in fields ranging from aerospace and wind turbines to sports...

Authors: Andrew Morris, John P. Dear, Miltiadis Kourmpetis

Abstract: Optical strain measurement techniques have been extensively developed in recent years in order to cope in various environments. Power...

Authors: M. Ciavarella, A. Strozzi, A. Baldini, Matteo Giacopini, S. Rivasi, R. Rosi

Abstract: In pinned connections, the presence of an initial clearance increases the lug stress concentration with respect to a neat fit...

Authors: Jian Ding, J. Madge, Sean B. Leen, Edward J. Williams

Abstract: The prediction of fretting wear and fretting fatigue is a significant issue for the design of high-performance aeroengine spline couplings,...


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