Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis VI

Volumes 5-6

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Gong, C. Liu, P.P. Conway, Vadim V. Silberschmidt

Abstract: SnAgCu solder is a promising lead-free material for interconnections in electronic packages. However, its melting temperature (490°K) is...

Authors: C. G. Dumitraş

Abstract: Due to robotic deburring development, the research gains a new orientation and focused on the cutting forces and the chip control. The...

Authors: E.M. Anawa, Abdul Ghani Olabi

Abstract: Welding dissimilar materials become inevitable in engineering industries. There are many issues/problems associated with the welding of...

Authors: D.T.G. Katerelos, C. Galiotis

Abstract: Composite laminates are used for the construction of a wide range of products; from civil infrastructure to aeronautical or space...

Authors: S.J.I. Walker, G.S. Aglietti, P.R. Cunningham

Abstract: In the current world of engineering, structural vibration problems continue impact the design and construction of a wide range of products....

Authors: M. Fouinneteau, A.K. Pickett

Abstract: An extensive test campaign has been conducted to characterise the different failure modes observed in heavy tow (24k) carbon and glass...

Authors: Mohammad Mohammadi Aghdam, M.R.N. Farahani, M. Dashty, S.M. Rezaei Niya

Abstract: Bending analysis of thick laminated rectangular plates with various boundary conditions is presented using Generalized Differential...

Authors: Jan Sieber, B. Krauskopf

Abstract: We demonstrate a method for tracking the onset of oscillations (Hopf bifurcation) in nonlinear dynamical systems. Our method does not...

Authors: C. Massow, Veronica Vidal, Alan R. Champneys, John H.G. Macdonald

Abstract: Cable-stayed bridges frequently experience vibrations due to a variety of mechanisms, exacerbated by their very low inherent damping. A...

Authors: Reyolando Manoel Lopes Rabelo da Fonseca Brasil, L.C.S. Feitosa, José Manoel Balthazar

Abstract: We present a simple mathematical model of a wind turbine supporting tower. Here, the wind excitation is considered to be a non-ideal power...


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