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Authors: Hua Jiang Ouyang, John E. Mottershead
Abstract:The vibration of a beam excited by a moving simple oscillator is an extensively studied problem. However, the vibration of a beam excited by...
Authors: T. Butlin, J. Woodhouse
Abstract:The problem of ‘brake squeal’ in the automotive industry remains despite over 70 years of research: the phenomenon is still surprisingly...
Authors: Seamus D. Garvey, Peter Van Eetvelt, U. Prells
Abstract:Three (m × n) matrices {K, D, M} represent a second-order system in the form (K + Dλ+ Mλ2). If m = n, system eigenvalues are defined as the...
Authors: I. Sadaba, Colin H.J. Fox, Stewart McWilliam
Abstract:Residual stress effects in MEMS wafer adhesive bonding were investigated. A waferlevel finite element (FE) modelling approach was used,...
Authors: I. Sadaba, Colin H.J. Fox, Stewart McWilliam
Abstract:Anodic bonding is widely-used in the fabrication of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices to join silicon and glass components....
Authors: R.F. Lennon
Abstract:The buckling resistance of orthogonally stiffened cylinders is investigated for elastic critical buckling and non-linear elasto-plastic...
Authors: E. McCulloch, Alan MacBeath, Margaret Lucas
Abstract:The performance of an ultrasonic cutting device critically relies on the interaction of the cutting tool and the material to be cut. A...
Authors: Heinz Ulbrich, T. Buschmann, S. Lohmeier
Abstract:This paper presents the performance enhanced humanoid robot LOLA which is currently being manufactured. Hardware design, controllers and...
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